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Floral Stencil application in Manhattan New York in a Master Bedroom

Floral Stencil Design

Master Room Walls in Manhattan, NY

Decorative Painting (Faux Painting) Services in Harrison, Mamaroneck, Rye, Scarsdale and Nearby NY & CT Areas

When it comes to decorative painting (faux finishes) the possibilities are endless. Decorative painting provides an alternative to wallpaper with beautiful seamless finishes. Popular decorative painting techniques are; glazing, stencils, patterns, and gilding.


Our expertise with many techniques, products and tools allow us to  work with our clients to achieve their desired look. The professionalism and efficiency we bring to each project lets us create modern or traditional finishes that meet the timeline and budget.

If you are looking to add more character to your home, we specialize in Decorative Painting and Faux Painting finishes in Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT and nearby areas.

Beautiful cross-strie (cross hatch) application in Living Room in Darien CT

Cross-strie Glaze Finish

Living Room Walls in Darien, CT

Faux Painting Ideas

The possibilities of faux painting are very extensive because of all the different techniques and materials that are available. Each technique allows for beautiful patterns, textures and colors to be created. Some faux painting techniques are:

  • Strié

    • This glaze technique is created by dragging a brush down in one motion from top to bottom. In order to create a beautiful even pattern, the glaze must be applied evenly and the brush must be pressed firmly to the surface. The process can be repeated with different tones to add more  depth and character. To mimic a linen pattern we can do a cross-strié. This is created by doing the first layer horizontally and the second layer vertically. Each layer has to fully dry before adding more layers.

  • Stencils

    • Stencils are a great alternative to wallpapers because they provide a seamless finish and colors can be customized to best fit the look our clients want. To add more character to a stencil finish, a stippled (or ragged) glaze layer can be applied first.

  • Stippled

    • A stippled finish is created by applying the glaze evenly and tapping the surface with stipple brush. For largest surfaces a larger stipple brush is recommended. A stipple finish will add a beautiful subtle contrast to any surface.

Beautiful yellow stippled glaze finish in a playroom ceiling

We Guarantee Our Work and Provide Professional and Friendly Decorative Painting Services in the Westchester NY, Fairfield CT Areas and Beyond!



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